Confused about where to go and who to trust?

The confusion within our community is exactly why we chose to open our doors, offering an honest, fact-based approach to hearing healthcare for Cedar Rapids and the surrounding heartland. As audiologists, people routinely ask us how to best “shop” for hearing aids. This is our most passionate conversation because it is our #1 goal at HHC to separate honest information from ambiguous marketing.

Most people are unaware of the fact the Iowa law makes it possible for almost anyone to sell hearing aids. There are two types of providers that can sell/dispense hearing aids in the state of Iowa but there are significant differences between the amount of training, knowledge and level of education when comparing these two. Additionally, many people feel confused when comparing different hearing aid practices within the community.

The truth of the matter is: in today’s world, you can get a hearing aid anywhere. However, genuine customer service, honest consultation and quality follow-up care are more difficult to come by. If you choose to think of your hearing aid as a simple commodity, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Hearing aids are complex medical devices that go hand-in-hand with improving your overall healthcare. The most successful patients realize that having hearing loss and wearing hearing aids is a long-term, on-going partnership between the patient and audiologist. The pair works together over infinite years to continue fine-tuning, to ensure maintenance of the device, monitor progression of hearing loss and any medical changes and make adjustments to the hearing aids as your lifestyle and/or hearing loss changes.

With 20+ years in the healthcare field, let us share our insider knowledge to clear up many of these unknowns and empower you as a consumer.