What People Say

Dave, age 60
"Both Jennifer and Diana bring personal experiences with hearing loss to the Center. They place an emphasis on the patient relationship. That was clear to me when I walked in without an appointment and they spent an hour with me learning about my situation and reassuring me they could make a difference. They seemed genuinely concerned about doing all they could to help me with a VERY frustrating issue. Until just a few weeks prior, the prospect of wearing hearing aids seemed to be something I would never have to deal with. I had a recent severe hearing loss and the worst part was the tinnitus in one ear. They have made my tinnitus a non-issue, I can hear much better, and I do not have to ask people to repeat."
Bill, age 54
"Since working with Heartland, I didn’t realize the advancements in newer technology and wireless features. Price is always a concern, but the customer service and explanation of differences and benefits of all products helped my decision to move forward with hearing aids. The biggest benefits of wearing amplification are improved hearing, TV streaming, and improved quality of life! The biggest surprise with Heartland was follow up care and willingness to make things right. I would recommend Heartland because of the professional service, quality products and the time they take to listen and learn your hearing issues. "


MWR, age 84
"Heartland Hearing has two audiologists that work with you to decide exactly what your problem is. They do a thorough hearing test and discuss the options that may be best for you. The biggest surprise (with my new hearing aids) is hearing the chimes on my clock, hearing my outside wind chimes when I'm inside, and hearing the turn signal in my car. I am more comfortable at family gatherings now. I am able to hear what is being said in a restaurant setting and TV programs and movie theaters are much more enjoyable. At Heartland Hearing, they are very personable, you're treated like family and they listen! I feel secure putting my trust in them."
Jim, age 88
"After being interviewed by (competitor), after 20 years with this company, I was still skeptical. With Heartland Hearing Center, both my wife, Judy, and I were impressed with Diana Kain, MA, CCC-A and her partner, Jennifer Reekers, AuD. The staff, office and hearing equipment are the latest in systems available to us. They gave Judy and I plenty of time and reassurance that their training was based on excellence in hearing problems. My hearing aids are very small and provide me with excellent results. I feel real good about our decision to purchase this style of hearing assistance. At this point in time we are still looking forward to being on top of our hearing needs, due to our ages."
Bea, age 89
"Having repeatedly returned to my previous provider without a solution, I had no hesitation to try something else. Previously, I removed the hearing aids as soon as I came home and only inserted them at the last minute before I had to leave. With Heartland Hearing it has been a complete turn around. The biggest surprise was the time and care that was taken to resolve the problem with my left ear canal. (With my new hearing aids) I can now leave the left one in all day very comfortably. They are caring, genuinely interested in you as a person and patiently persistent in solving a problem I've had for years. I have recommended Heartland Hearing to a number of people without any reservation."
Ken, age 64
"Customer service is more important to me than the brand of hearing aids or the company you buy them from. The location is great and the service provided is exceptional. Both Diana and Jennifer are truly focused on getting the best hearing aids for your ears and financial situation. My new hearing aids let me hear birds again and the sweet sound of my driver hitting a golf ball. I can hear my grandkids, I can hear all participants in meetings at work, and I can hear nuances in music that I missed for years. At Heartland Hearing Center, there is no stress "selling." They are more interested in helping you hear better."
Donna, age 80
"My perception before hearing aids was that they would be ugly and only old people wear them. I didn't want to get them. My adult daughter really encouraged me and the gals at Heartland really helped me see how much hearing aids would help me. I like that my hearing aids are easy to put in and not visible to others. I'm now feeling more at ease and less stressed when I'm attending a function or some activity. The biggest surprise with Heartland Hearing is the manner in which they greet their customers. They always make time to answer questions or problems and even time to have a friendly chat. They are really special gals and I'm confident with what they are doing!"
Charlene, age 77
"I chose Heartland Hearing Center because of the location, accessability and parking, and friendliness of staff. (With my new hearing aids) I am hearing better when sitting across the room from speakers at TOPS. The biggest benefits of wearing hearing aids are having the TV volume turned down, not having to ask people to repeat, and being able to hear from across the room. The biggest surprise was hearing the traffic on the interstate when I walked out my front door. Heartland Hearing helped me choose the right kind of hearing aids for me and they are there whenever I need help."